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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  August 30, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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>> wow. that's it for forbesk.c on fox. thank you for watching. don't forget to pick up a copy of my new book. the life and times of marjory kent. we will continue with cashing in. >> some member of our dan rather reports team was kidnapped, i would be looking to negotiate for ransom. >> paying ransom to terrorists and isis gets bold, folks like dan rather saying he would rather pay. should we, plus? getting schooled by illegals. >> we are learning more than a third of us live in a household
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on the bubble. time to cut these numbers down. cashing in looking out for your money starts right now. >> hi, everyone. welcome to cashing in. you just heard dan rather say he would rather bay. 2 million americans disagree. who is right? dan rather or just about everyone in the world? >> i think everyone in the world. the two-thirds i go with. all you do when you do that is encourage them to do more kidnap ing you have got to do something about it. you have to say to people if you get caught, we're going to try but we're not going to pay
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ransom. that's what we have got to do, go in and do it with force. >> who comes up with the numbers? they say they want six and a half million dollars for an unnamed female journalist. they wanted a lot for james foley and they beheaded him. >> when isis asks for money you don't send money you send troops. we need to show these terrorists that when they kidnap an american it does not result in a payment. it results in swift retaliation. al qaeda knows that the european government will pay the ransom. european governments have given al qaeda $125 million since 2008. they are basically giving them
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money to continue to be awful evil people. >> dan rather was not speaking in reversal. he was talking about if someone on his team, on his network who works for him was kidnapped. you know, i'm glad to hear that he cares about, you know, dan cares about his people. >> we might -- i amíz pulling u ten bucks. >> let me just say, i don't think that i don't like michelle's idea about sending troops in. >> a rescue mission?
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>> what's the difference if it's $32 million or $6.5 million. you're still negotiating. >> that's a prisoner swap. they were older prisoners. >> they have got that. >> we are not talking about anything but the idea of negotiating with the terrorists. getting into their demands. hold the thought. jonathan, let's talk about it a little bit. you can do this right? >> you cannot negotiate with brutality. you cannot negotiate with savages. the islamist attacks against
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israel have only gone up. eric, i agree with you. it only encourages the muslim strength to rise up. >> she is called lady al qaeda. she is a terrorist. we have spent 84 years. we have this lady, al qaeda, wouldn't you as let's say your parents of steven, the gentleman who is being held by isis. would you do a one to one swap for her? >> absolutely. i don't think there is anything wrong with swapping. it is exactly the same thing. >> you are incentivizing that. >> you guys are so blind on this. there is a difference between making a calculated maneuver in order to get your people back.
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>> you were lenning in. what were you going to say. >> i was until i was so routely u that's not negotiating with them. that's saying okay. >> that is negotiating. that is! >> what are you talking about? >> let me finish, for god's sake. will you shut up? what is the matter with you. why do you have to talk all the time. >> whoa whoa whoa. >> calm down. >> okay. go ahead. >> well, now that we have put down the gun, what i'm trying to say is that is negotiating. you are negotiating with terrorists and you are incentivizing to continue to do this. they know when they get one that
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they have a bargaining chip. that's what it is. john? >> that's the point. how to defeat militant islam is war. the last war this country won we dropped two atomic bombs on civilian centers. to say we should negotiate to win a war is crazy. >> the reality is the way you treat prisoners and prisoner swap, that's okay. that's a matter of diplomacy and negotiati negotiation. >> you just said it. it is negotiating with terrorists. >> it is not negotiating but you're a moron because you talk to much and you don't think through it. anyway. prison swapping has been done for a number of years and
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generations. it is a legitimate way to deal with this. >> how great. >> how does it work? >> what do you mean? >> before the show goes off the rails we will have to leave it there. you can continue the conversation right now on twitter. our hash trag is trending 31 weeks in a row. you are a force of nature in the american as our kids head back-to-school, guess who is paying for it? the numbers are jaw dropping. ♪
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>> flooding the boarder and now flooding our schools. they may be minors but the cost
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to educate these kids is anything by miner. the reports show there could be up to with the average price topping 10 grand a year. michelle, that's a lot of green. >> yeah. and we're the ones who are going have to pay for all of this. and our education system is already failing right now. we're ranked 32 internationally when it comes to maps. all of these young illegals who are coming are not going to be guardians. this is just going to completely crush our system. and remember there are tons of reports that these processing centers that are on the border are filling with young people who have tb, measles, and getting these diseases and then they will go to our schools? are we going to vaccinate them?
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will they get help? this has got to be yet another nail in the coffin of our public education system. >> not at all. in fact, this is what our public education system was created to do. educate newcomers and make them american. george said welcome to america. you're going to go to school and you're going to go t job.ool and rick perry back in 2011? >> what about the american kids here who are not getting a good education? >> rick perry said welcome to america. and anybody who disagrees with the idea of educating people really prefers to pay for them when they don't have a job and are in jail. >> as the expense of the child who will compete, to the expense
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to hand it over to the american taxpayer, we have talked how few people are actually paying taxes.x6< i am an advocate for open immigration does not mean a right to other people's stuff. >> talking about the kids that are coming in, listen. >> most are claiming to be
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between 14 and 17 years old. there were people with graying around the temples and people with more wrinkles than i have around the eyes. >> wayne, so these kids have gray hair and wrinkles and they're looking for that public education? >> eric, we can't afford it number one. we spent so much money on education and it's failing as it is. the second point is when you start with the word illegal, why should they be here in the first place? you should send them home. i'm violating the law. you don't get your citizenship. there is a way to do this properly. >> is it okay for older people being sold as illegal children coming over. they are sometimes adults and they are working, taking the jobs. they are getting the free public education. they're on welfare. is this okay with you?
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>> if they are going to school, that's the kind of person i want in america. you want an education? you want to improve yourself? we want people like that. they help our economy and they grow our economy. >> i agree with you but i don't want to have to pay for it. even the right isn't arguing about the entitlement state. but if you want to educate immigrants do it with your own money. the notion that people can just show up and get free stuff, that is the entitlement state. >> is it okay when the kids are like the age of juan and michelle and they're in kindergarten and we're going to pay for it? >> eric, any time you are giving away free money you will get people who abuse the system. they will always abuse it, sure. look, in all of the welfare programs of which there is
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something like 97, the amount of abuse and cheating goes on constantly. >> more than a third of all illegal americans living home getting welfare, should we even call monday labor day any more?
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>> coming up good-bye, united states. it will shock you. plus you want
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coming up at the top of the hour, the british prime minister comes out swinging against i sis and the baum administration is left to deal with its no strategy yet admission. what should the u.s. be doing and what's the threat from the terror group to the u.s. here at home? congressman pete king is here plus fox news military analyst major general bob scales weighs in. ukrainian president says things are getting worse as more russian troops pour across his border and european union leaders appear to hit russia with new sanctions over their aggressi aggression. will it be enough? we'll have a live report. and is president baum rethinking his timetable? the president promised his plan by the end of the summer. with midterm elections just two months away, is he backing away from that deadline? more on these and the rest of your top stories coming up at the top of the hour.
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what do you think about that, a report showing more than 109 million americans live in a house getting welfare. and we ain't talking about social security here. i blame the president's policies, the government and people who voted for the entitlement nation. >> yeah, you have to, eric. i mean and the abuse that goes on. as you said, there's 130 whatever it is million households that have been -- you also have all of these federal agencies that are involved, 97 of them i think it is in total that are giving away money, giving away tax money. the abuse in it is enormous. the people on the dole are enormous. we have created this and there's no going back. there's nobody who's willing to stand up and say wait a minute, you shouldn't be doing this. >> michelle, 109 million people live in a household, 35% of the entire population. we're scrolling through some of
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the programs. they're kind of funny. i'm going to get to juan and ask him about those in a minute. your thoughts, are we now officially an entitlement nation? >> of course. we spent $900 billion in 2012 on these welfare programs. and they're likely to say it's because of the bad economy. four million people were added since the recession ended and it's not doing anything. the poverty rate has remained relatively the same since the 1960s when the war on poverty started, so what is the point of all of this? >> juan, food, education, you can get medical assistance, energy assistance, you can get child care assistance. what's the point? do we even need to work anymore? >> this is so maddening to me because you guys should be mad at corporate inversions and corporations that don't pay taxes, one out of every four. 13% is our overall tax rate, effective tax rate for these corporations, one of the lowest in the world. yet you pick on the poor. let me just say if you look at this as a matter of entitlement,
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then you talk social security and medicare but you're not. you're just talking about means tested programs that give to the poor and remember, since 1996, newt gingrich, bill clinton, tough requirements. you've got to work -- >> let me ask -- >> half of them are intended to help with medical issues. >> juan, let's say you were in need. i mean would it be okay for you to knock on your1"$ñ neighbor'sr and demand $2,000? probably not. >> no. >> it's not okay when government does it either. exactly. the issue isn't should we help people in need, the issue is do they own you. do they have a right to your life? someone else's need is not a claim on your life. if you want to help them, you should, but to use government force is immoral, strong and tough. >> unfortunately we ran out of time. i hate to do this week after week, i love it. these are hot debates. we say thank you to our crew for joining us today. head over to our website to see more. coming up, with congress
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still on a long summer break new york city wonder its approval rating is lower than cockroaches and traffic jams. that's true and that's funny, but when you hear how many days they'll work this year compared to how many days you will, you probably won't be laughing. ravey thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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wake up, america. it's labor day and no one is working for you in d.c. right now. this of isn't about president o taking a to know of vacation days or that he loves to play golf, play basketball and eat shaved ice in hawaii, that would be too predictable and, no, this isn't about hillary clinton who, by the way, called herself dead broke who's dropping a cool 100 grand on a three-week vacation in the hamptons. no, we're above talking about that. by the way, that comes to 33 grand a week. i wanted to show you something even more ridiculous. this year congress will work a mere 133 days. you and i, however, will work 240 days. that means congress will have 232 days off this year. that's about eight months of vacation. you and i, what, we get a week
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or two? it gets worse. congressional pay starts at $174,000 per year. $174 grand, that's just base pay for four months work. meanwhile the average american earns 44 grand per year. add in free health care, free lunches, free parking, free hair cuts, it's shameful. now think about this. according to a new recent poll, 76% of americans believe our children are going to be worse off than we are. that's the exact opposite of the american dream. these clowns in d.c. have turned the american dream upside down. they're the ones living the american dream. big, fat salaries, massive perks, huge job security, while we, the taxpayer, stuck holding the tab. we work our tails off all year round so congressmen and senators can live the fat, happy life. did i mention several democrats and republicans in congress are actively pursuing raising their own salaries? happy labor day, america. have a good weekend.
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the white house playing defense, trying to rebound from its admission it has no strategy for dealing with the terror threat from isis in syria. while president obama wrestles to come up with a plan, other v offense. british prime minister says the islamic state is a bigger threat to britain's security than the country has ever seen before and lays out a strategy to tackle the threat. i'm leland vittert in for uma pemmaraju. thanks for spending your saturday with us. let's start with molly with what has become a wide gap of rhetoric across the atlantic. >> the white house is trying to explain president obama's statement that his administration doesn't, quote, have a


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